Real Love

Who else hears the Mary J. Blige classic playing in their head? No, just me? Hah;) Well anyways! February is pretty much here and we all know that means... *cue the pink + red color schemes and hearts galore.

In a season of singleness, it can feel like something is missing. In a relationship, it can feel like you have something to prove.
But my sweet friends, love is not defined by this one day of the year. Society may measure it by gifts + finding that missing piece but love is truly so much greater.

We have real love no matter what our relationship status may be.

We have real love despite how we sometimes fight with our spouse because we don't always see eye to eye.

We have real love even when we struggle to love ourselves. You know, when we're at war with our insecurities.

Because when we have Jesus, we always have real love. And that is more fulfilling than any heart shaped candy or dozen roses.

When we know Him, we know a love that last forever. Like REALLY forever (Psalms 136:1). We know a love that will never let us down and exceeds all expectations. And no matter what our circumstances may be, having His heavenly love makes our world a better place.

So I pray that you dig deep and crave this love above all else. This love that surpasses all feelings and you know what, sometimes it surpasses our understanding too (Isaiah 55:8-9).

And whether you celebrate Valentines Day or not, I've got the perfect little dress for you. Seriously y'all, its darling! I'm obsessed with the star-like pattern, sheer sleeves, and OMG the ruffle detail with the open back. Plus, if you decide to wear it on February 14th, throw on some red lipstick and YES, you're looking adorable girl.

And I know, I know I said I'd be listing cheap finds BUT sometimes I think it's totally acceptable to splurge on a purse. I use the same one everyday for a year, so I need it to last. But I found one for you guys in the lower price range! Also, the exact shoes pictured are from JustFab. I signed up for their VIP membership, used a coupon code and only paid $16.00, then canceled the membership like the next day. Haha! If you don't wanna go through that, I shared some similar styles.


January 27th, 2018

Hey there love!
I know it's been quite some five years. Crazy right? Especially since a lot has changed since then. I'm talking about marriage and babiesss. Kay, well just one baby for now;) But still! Becoming a wife and mama has been such a crazy season, yet so rewarding.
Anyways, I am just so happy you're here! I've prolonged bringing this blog back for so many reasons, and I finally said enough is enough. Super dramatic obviously.

There has been SO much on my heart I've been wanting to share. So much God has called me to share, but I just continued to talk myself out of it. It's silly how we sometimes do that, huh? You know, when God calls us to move but we respond with nah, not yet. We have to wait until we "feel ready", or we "look ready." And sometimes it may not be those aspects specifically, but it can be ANY part of our circumstances that we're just unhappy with. Like, I've hesitated because the space we live in isn't "big enough." Our lifestyle isn't "fancy enough." Or our finances aren't "good enough." And I even thought of waiting until after I got my hair done to launch this site. HAH. Sounds ridiculous right? And high maintenance. And superficial. But here I am just thinking "come back with a bang". I mean, wouldn't it all make more of an impact and what I have to say would be worth the read. Haven't we all thought this way at some point? When in reality these are things that God could care less about. But because we sometimes get so lost in this world, we think that if our life doesn't look like theirs then it doesn't matter. And let me tell you, that is so far from the truth.

You see, this blog won't be about extravagant trips- but of course I'll share our little getaways. It won't be about high end fashion- I'll let you in on my cheap finds though. And it won't be about keeping up with the Joneses...GIRL, Abram was like 100 years old when God fulfilled the promise He made. You are so not behind in life.

No my dear. I'm here to remind you that you are exactly where God has called you to be and your story does matter. Whether you're a stay at home mama or a doctor. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert. Whether you have 1 million or 50 Instagram followers... whateverrr the case may be (I'm sure you get my point), YOUR story matters. And God has such a beautiful purpose specifically for you, if you'd just seek His calling and stop holding yourself to these irrelevant standards. Your worth and value is way more than all those things.

So I hope while you're here, you know you're loved. You feel safe. You're encouraged. You just feel all the feelssss. And if you sometimes cry, that's totally okay too. I'm here for you.
And lastly, I hope you stop talking yourself out of what God has called you to do and step into all the blessings He has in store for you.