Real Love

Who else hears the Mary J. Blige classic playing in their head? No, just me? Hah;) Well anyways! February is pretty much here and we all know that means... *cue the pink + red color schemes and hearts galore.

In a season of singleness, it can feel like something is missing. In a relationship, it can feel like you have something to prove.
But my sweet friends, love is not defined by this one day of the year. Society may measure it by gifts + finding that missing piece but love is truly so much greater.

We have real love no matter what our relationship status may be.

We have real love despite how we sometimes fight with our spouse because we don't always see eye to eye.

We have real love even when we struggle to love ourselves. You know, when we're at war with our insecurities.

Because when we have Jesus, we always have real love. And that is more fulfilling than any heart shaped candy or dozen roses.

When we know Him, we know a love that last forever. Like REALLY forever (Psalms 136:1). We know a love that will never let us down and exceeds all expectations. And no matter what our circumstances may be, having His heavenly love makes our world a better place.

So I pray that you dig deep and crave this love above all else. This love that surpasses all feelings and you know what, sometimes it surpasses our understanding too (Isaiah 55:8-9).

And whether you celebrate Valentines Day or not, I've got the perfect little dress for you. Seriously y'all, its darling! I'm obsessed with the star-like pattern, sheer sleeves, and OMG the ruffle detail with the open back. Plus, if you decide to wear it on February 14th, throw on some red lipstick and YES, you're looking adorable girl.

And I know, I know I said I'd be listing cheap finds BUT sometimes I think it's totally acceptable to splurge on a purse. I use the same one everyday for a year, so I need it to last. But I found one for you guys in the lower price range! Also, the exact shoes pictured are from JustFab. I signed up for their VIP membership, used a coupon code and only paid $16.00, then canceled the membership like the next day. Haha! If you don't wanna go through that, I shared some similar styles.


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