About Me

Kayla V Photography

I'm a wife + momma who's still trying to get that whole cooking and cleaning thing down.
Some days I'm freaking out, because I can't decide what next step to take in life or which shoes go with my outfit. My hair and room are usually a mess - not sorry 'bout it- but I have this compulsive need to control every other aspect of my life. I spend most of my time trying to keep up with our baby boys, jotting down my thoughts + feelings, and starting books I never seem to finish. I'm horrible at small talk, but I can carry on a conversation for hours about my love for fashion and Jesus. And that is why I'm here...to remind you of those sweet promises we tend to forget.

You see, I don't think I was made to be a millionaire, a famous stylist, or a college graduate (SAY WHAT). But I do know I was made to simply tell you about God's goodness and how His love can carry you through this messy life. Because as a daughter of The King, that's what makes it all beautiful. I've realized no matter the circumstances, our days are filled with awe-inspiring moments. Even when I'm changing yet another diaper, surrounded by loads of laundry, or I've set off the smoke alarm from burning dinner again;) I'm exactly where He's called me to be.
So pour yourself a cup of coffee...or two, and join me as I learn to live according to His plan and love greater than yesterday.